Mexico-Audrain League of Women Voters


2015-2016 MEXICO-AUDRAIN LWV OFFICERS and other information


Co-Presidents: Clarissa Bruner & Barbara Davis

Vice President: Janet Chambers

Secretary: Jane Rankin

Treasurer: Emogene Fox

Director: Linda Ahmann

Director: Vicki Briggs

Director: Christal Bruner

Director: Winnie Runge-Stribling

Director: Alice Leonatti

Nominating Committee: Linda Ahmann and Anna Mayson

Action on Planning & Zoning in Audrain County:

     Linda Ahmann, Laura Worstell, Emogene Fox

Bulletin: Linda Ahmann

E-mail: Alice Leonatti

Finance Drive & Budget: Emogene Fox

Legislative Action: Clarissa Bruner

Energy & Global Warming: Vicki Briggs

Membership: Winnie Runge-Stribling

Local Study-Health: Jaye Jackson & Barbara Davis

Public Relations: Jane Rankin

Voter Service: Alice Leonatti

Webmaster & Vote411: Christal Bruner


Local positions are arrived at after study and membership agreement, they are utilized to achieve solutions in the public interest on key community issues.

The following are positions supported by the Mexico-Audrain LWV:

City manager form of government: improvements based on sound city planning; the city-county health unit.

Monitoring county use of revenue sharing monies; consolidation of special and common road districts; inter-governmental cooperation between city and county.

Ambulance service provided by Audrain Medical Center (SSM Audrain) or a county-wide hospital ambulance service if services are changed or discontinued

Adequately financed public schools.

Comprehensive Plan as the City of Mexico's primary planning tool for sustaining the community.

The LWV of Mexico-Audrain County believes that comprehensive planning and zoning are essential tools in maintaining our county government's responsibility in making wise decisions regarding the protection and management of public resources, and in preserving reasonable and sound balance between public and private interests in issues affecting property, public health, safety, education and environmental protect. (2002)

Recognizes the need to provide voter education on the issues of planning and zoning in Audrain County.

Believes that comprehensive planning should be established and maintained for Audrain County and that zoning is both desirable and necessary.  Planning and zoning should be used as effective enforcement tools supporting all planning elements.

Supports the appointment of a temporary County Zoning Commission and/or temporary County Planning Commission, and following voter approval of county zoning and/or planning in Audrain County the establishment of a permanent County Zoning and/or Planning Commission.

Believes that the following are essential to the preparation of a county Master Comprehensive Plan:  Agriculture District: LWV supports the protection of farmland from development activities; Conservation Easement; Conservation Reserve; Environmental Impact Assessment: Land Trust; Zoning; Fees and costs for review and approval of proposed developments; Impact fees to provide for the expansion and/or improvement of county owned infrastructure and the expansion of county services such as roads, schools, sewer, transportation and fire and police.

LWV of Missouri supports:

No excuse absentee voting either by mail or in person; Maintaining the practice of a permanent absentee disabled voter list; Clear and concise instructions to minimize spoiled and uncountable ballots; Adequate state funding for elections; elections should be a funded mandate; Early, in-person voting also referred to as advance voting; Centralized voting via Voter Centers, i.e. combined precincts, satellite or super precincts where any registered Missouri voter can cast a ballot; Election consolidation by moving special elections to primary and general election days.  (Adopted, March 2010)


The League is open to all men and women of voting age.  The League welcomes and encourages your participation.  Local, state and national dues are included in the yearly membership cost of $48.  To join or for further information, contact the Membership Chairperson, Mexico-Audrain County League of Women Voters listed on this website, send correspondence to 9969 Hwy 15 Mexico, MO 65265 or contact the Mexico-Audrain League on their Facebook page: (